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DG Earth Tracker
This program will let you take Google Earth to the road along with your GPS receiver to track where you are, real time. Or, back home, you can watch animations of your trip.

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DG Void Killer
DG SRTM Void Killer works by mixing SRTM and SRTM30 data, it detects a void (lack of elevation data) and then it gets the information of an user supplied GTOPO30 tile.Terrain formats:SRTM30 and SRTM3.

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DG Line of Sight
The Purpose of this enhancement is by using DGTV terrain and gps great viewing capabilities, make a program to make line of sight analysis with a simple add-on on the menu bar, that you can see on the picture on the side:
Terrain formats:GTOPO30, SRTM30, SRTM3, ETOPO5 and DRC.
GPS formats: Ozi Explorer, GPX Exchange, GPS Utility, GTM.

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DG ADVANCED | David Gil Advanced Programs

DG Terrain Viewer, DG Earth Tracker, DG Void Killer,

WebGilante, DG Line of Sight, DG Terrain Navigator,

DG Labtools for Sound Card, DG Earth 3D Sreen Saver,

DG Bump & Texture Map Maker, GPS Google Earth Converter


Perfect SRTM Project, MATLAB & SIMULINK,

TAWS, Game Development, Aerotracker


ACEE 2004, XI Semana da Informática